About Us

Scread is a place to discover and share books: a social platform that connects people through books.
The mission of Scread is to provide world’s information in a compact and fast way.
Scread helps people to find and share books they love.

A Few Things You Can Do On Scread:

- Create your own bookshelf and share the books you like with family and friends.
- Get notified when friends like and comment on your book posts.
- Follow your friends and see which books your friends love to read.
- Discover new books in the search feature.
- Browse reviews before buying a book

Scread is a place where you can see your friends’ bookshelves and learn about what the thought of all their books. You can create “bookshelves” to organize what you’ve read or want to read. You can comment on each other’s updates. You can find your next favorite book. On Scread you can explore new territory, gahther in formation and expand your mind. Knowledge is power, and power is best shared among readers.